The better you eat, the longer you live. This belief drives everything we do.

Why do we care so much about Clean food? Because every single day, facts emerge about the negative impacts of the unnecessary chemical ingredients found in readily available foods, the same foods you rely on to feed your families. Not only are these ingredients harmful, but many have been identified as toxic or disruptive to how
our bodies function. So what do we do about it?

We stop! Stop accepting this as “normal”. Stop assuming that there is nothing we can do. And we start taking responsibility for our own health, every single day.

Forty-two years ago, we decided to create the grocery store everyone can trust — a safe place to find Clean, nutritious foods to feed your friends and family. A place where you know exactly what you’re getting, every day, in every aisle. Guided by our strict Food Philosophy, we vet each ingredient in every product we sell so you can shop with Clean confidence.

Today, that philosophy is at the very heart of our commitment to play an important role in making healthier choices for your family more affordable, convenient, and better for you in every way.

Live Longer with Earth Fare®

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