Chicken salad is a classic staple in every family’s heritage. Handed down through generations, each recipe is treasured and prepared religiously for family occasions. Old-fashioned chicken salad connects moms and sons, aunts and nieces, cousins and grandchildren. It’s also the key to turning a slice of ordinary bread into a culinary delight.

Earth Fare chicken salad honors the heritage of this American tradition, using only the freshest ingredients made by hand in small batches. And because every generation needs to experiment a little bit, we didn’t stop with just chicken salad. You can find a variety of options at Earth Fare, including: Original Rotisserie, Blackened, Curry, Napa and Cranberry Pecan. Here’s a glimpse into the detail we put into every batch:

Bread isn’t the only option for chicken salad. After all, you don’t get to be an American tradition without being versatile! So here are some of our favorite ways to brighten up a meal with our Chicken Salad:

  • Say bonjour by speading on a croissant.
  • Skip the bread and spoon onto a lush leaf of romaine.
  • “Skinny” dip with vegetables, like celery, carrots or red peppers.
  • Wrap it up in a tortilla shell or stuff into pita bread.
  • Dress it up with tea and scones for your Downton Abbey Finale party.
  • Go green and serve with chilled asparagus and lemon.
  • Keep it simple with a heaping scoop atop a fresh, juicy slice of heirloom tomato (our favorite).
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