Ramen noodle bowls aren’t just for the college crowd! I used to make ramen with those infamous brands that haunted your college days and toss the packet. But now I’ve found a brand that has a seasoning packet that is low in sodium and uses only natural ingredients, AND the noodles are organic. All you need to do is dress them up with some yummy veggies and a hardboiled egg, and you’ve got an affordable grown-up meal.

I like to add fresh snow peas and carrots to mine.  If you have a spiralizer, use it on those carrots! If not, you can simply shred the carrots and they will be just as delicious. I also add an egg to my noodles to bump up the protein, but you can also omit to make this a wonderful vegan meal.

I add Braggs Aminos and a squeeze of lime juice to the broth to bring out a bit more flavor.  If you’re not familiar with Bragg Amino’s, it’s a liquid vegetable protein made with non-GMO soybeans that is preservative free.  I have been using it for over 25 years as a healthier alternative to soy sauce. And don’t forget that lime, you will be missing out if you do!

This grown-up organic ramen noodle bowl is under $4.00 a serving – so what’s not to love?

Ramen Noodle Bowl
Serves 2


  • 2 organic pasture raised eggs, soft boiled or hard boiled
  • 2 Koyo tofu miso organic ramen packs
  • 1 tablespoon Bragg Liquid Aminos
  • ½ lb fresh snow peas, chopped
  • 2 organic carrots, shredded or spiralized
  • 3 organic green onions, thinly sliced
  • 1 organic lime, sliced


  1. Make your ramen noodles according to package directions. Add your snow peas, carrots, green onions, and Bragg Aminos when adding the soup packets.  Simmer for about 5 minutes to soften the veggies.
  2. Serve in 2 bowls, and top each with an egg and a couple slices of lime to squeeze into the broth.
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About the Author

Claudia Laffin

Claudia Laffin is a food photographer and owner of The Traveling Spoon Personal Chef, serving clients in and around Asheville, North Carolina. She has been a health food advocate and natural lifestyle follower for over 20 years. During that time she enjoyed working in numerous stores in the health food industry, including Earth Fare! Claudia’s desire to bring health food to more people motivated her to start her personal chef business. She loves cooking healthy, organic, non processed and delicious food for busy families in their own homes and helping them find a path to a healthier life. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see what new things she’s cooking up!