As you make resolutions to improve your health in 2018, an easy way to clean up your plate is by making easy, healthy swaps. Consider swapping your afternoon soda for sparkling water or potato chips with veggie sticks and hummus. For a truly healthy switch-up though, replace simple carbs from refined breads, sugary cereals, and sweets with complex, filling carbs from vegetables.

Using our frozen, Organic Riced Veggies, you can enjoy fried “rice” with 80% less fat, make a colorful side dish, or create a nutrient-rich bed for salmon. And because each variety is already grated and frozen, all you have to do is microwave or sautee these veggies, and they’ll be hot and ready to serve in minutes. Now, your meals can be full of complex, natural carbs that give you plenty of energy without weighing you down.

Need a little inspiration? No problem because we’ve gathered some fun recipes below to help you get started!

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