How to get the most out of the most important meal of the day

There’s a reason mom always said not to skip breakfast. It kick starts your metabolism, helping your body burn calories and stay energized throughout the day. But the same breakfast every day gets old fast. Mix up your morning routine with these healthy, exciting options.


All About Bagels

Bagels often get a bad rap for the extra sugar and not enough protein or fat, but thanks to Dave’s Killer Organic Bagels, your favorite breakfast carb is now packed with 12+ grams of protein. Add our Earth Fare Cream Cheese and some Handpicked Smoked Salmon for a New York-style breakfast on-the-go. Or pair with fresh fruit and some nut butter for a vegan-friendly option.


Don’t Overlook Cereal

Cereal is a favorite breakfast option for a reason. It’s easy, satisfying, and you can have a different flavor every day. Unfortunately though, a lot of cereal options are packed with high fructose corn syrup and preservatives. For adults and kids, switch to Earth Fare Organic Kid Cereals. Made with whole grains and Organic cane sugar, these favorite cereals are the perfect way to start the day, especially when paired with your favorite dairy or nut milk and fresh fruit.


Perfect Your French Press

Don’t over brew that 100% Arabica Single Origin Coffee! Responsibly sourced from around the world, top-tier growers and producers craft these small batch roasts, and you deserve to enjoy their delicate, complex notes. Always measure out your coffee grounds, following a rule of 2 tablespoons of grounds for every 8 fluid ounces of hot water. Also, make sure your coffee is coarsely ground so as few grinds make it in your cup as possible.


Start Your Day With a Classic

There’s nothing like waking up to breakfast of cage-free eggs and bacon, but sometimes we’re too rushed to take the time. Get your eggs and bakey fix by meal prepping egg cups. Just fry some bacon, divide it among the cups in a muffin tin, then crack an egg with salt and pepper in next. Bake to desired doneness and just reheat and enjoy the next morning!


Why It Matters

A breakfast with too much sugar and too little substance can leave you feeling sluggish and hungry again even before noon. Studies have linked eating a healthy breakfast every day to lower levels of bad cholesterol, lower chances of getting diabetes and heart disease, and helping maintain a healthy weight.*


* “Why eating the right breakfast is so important,” Consumer Reports. 2015.

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