Whether you were a picky eater or are raising one, it can be hard to convince kids to eat their vegetables. Some kids are sensitive to certain greens’ bitter taste and others just prefer meat and potatoes over that side of peas. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help kids eat more veggies. Here are some of our favorite sneaky ideas:

  • Give kids choice: Let them choose between two different vegetables to pack in their lunch or to have with dinner.
  • Get them involved: Kids love to help, so let them! Have pizzas for dinner and set up a topping bar so they can make their own pizzas, or get their hands dirty by letting them help cook.
  • Be sneaky: There are plenty of recipes out there about how to hide fruits and vegetables in baked goods, smoothies, or sauces. While this won’t necessarily create lifelong healthy habits, it will help kids get essential nutrients.
  • Play pretend: Sure, broccoli may not be fun on its own, but when you make up a game that your child’s a giant eating tiny trees, it encourages participation and imagination while helping them get a serving of this superfood veggie.

Dress them up: Don’t be afraid of a little butter, cheese, bacon, anything that cuts through the more bitter tasting vegetables that kids tend to not like. Without overdoing it, kids may even start asking you to put a plant on it.

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