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What is Healthy Rewards™?

Healthy Rewards™ is our loyalty program that makes it easier to save while shopping healthy. All Healthy Rewards™ members receive the best deals in the store and have access to a digital account in our mobile app (find it in the Android or Apple App Store) or on our website here for even MORE ways to save through digital coupons, digital punchcard rewards, digital copies of receipts, a shopping list feature, and much more!


How do I identify myself as a Healthy Rewards™ member?

Present your Healthy Rewards™ physical or digital card at checkout. If you forget your card, give the cashier your pre-determined 10-digit ID (if provided at sign up, we recommend your 10-digit phone number).


Are there any other benefits?

Healthy Rewards™ members get exclusive offers, digital coupons, digital punchcards, and other great perks.


I have additional questions about Healthy Rewards™, whom can I ask for help?

Our most common questions are listed here with helpful answers. But if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for you can contact us here or give us a call at 855.357.9084.


I'm a current Healthy Rewards™ member, how do I sign up for the mobile app?

Just download the app for iPhone or Android in their respective App stores and complete the registration process. You will be asked to enter and validate your email address so we can link your account safely.


I was a Tomato Bank member, how do I sign up?

Great! Just download the app (or go online) and sign in using your old Tomato Bank username and password. Everything is already linked for you.

If you were a Tomato Bank member but have not transferred over to Healthy Rewards™, sign in as normal and the app will generate a digital Healthy Rewards™ ID for you.


I've never joined your loyalty program, how do I sign up?

Welcome! Simply download the app (or go online) and start the sign-up process. It's simple and free to join and you can start saving right away!


I signed up for a new account in the app or online, but how do I get a physical card?

If you’d also like a physical Healthy Rewards™ card simply see a Team Member during your next store visit. Once you get a physical card, make sure to link it online or in the app by going to Settings, selecting 'Manage Loyalty Number', and clicking 'Replace Loyalty ID'. Enter your card number and your account and card will be linked.


Can I sill access offers in store without using the mobile app?

Yes! You still have access to Weekly Deals that are exclusive to Healthy Rewards™ members. However, by using the mobile app or online account you get access to more exclusive coupons and offers.


What if I can only use your website and not the app? What can I do?

You can do everything online that you can do in the App including clipping the online exclusive offers, managing your profile, earning and redeeming rewards, and more!

Once you clip coupons or redeem rewards online you can check out using your card in the store, and you will automatically get all the coupons and rewards you added to your cart online.


Why do you promote products that don’t meet all diets?

It may take up to 24 hours for your qualified purchases to show up in punchcard rewards within your account. If after 24 hours you believe there is an error please use the 'Support' button found within the navigation panel on your mobile app, or send us a note online by selecting the 'Healthy Rewards' option within the drop-down menu on our Contact Us page.


How do I redeem coupons or rewards without a smartphone?

If you aren’t able to download our mobile app, you can login to our website from any desktop computer, clip coupons, redeem rewards, and print out your 'shopping list' which will include your Healthy Rewards™ barcode. Then either use your Healthy Rewards card the next time you check out, or scan the barcode on the printout. Any rewards or coupons you previously added to your shopping list online will be applied to your purchase.


What if I click to redeem a reward, but then don't use it?

If you clip a coupon or redeem a reward either in the App or on the website, you will have to scan your card at check-out in order to apply the reward to your transaction. If you didn’t buy the item that was rewarded in the punchcard, the reward will still be there each time you check out until you do buy that item (or until the punchcard expires).


How do 'Punchcard Rewards' work?

Punchcard rewards can be earned by purchasing products a certain number of times to earn either free products or discounts. You will earn towards your punchcards each time you scan your card with qualifying purchases. You can follow your progress on the mobile app or your online account. If a digital punchcard reward is available, you can activate the reward by moving it into 'Checkout' in the mobile app or online and the reward will apply at the register.

For example, if you are participating in a 'Buy 10, Get 1 Free' punchcard reward, you will be able to track your progress from within your Healthy Rewards™ account each time you purchase a qualified product and scan your barcode at checkout. Once you have reached the redeem threshold, simply add the punchcard reward to 'Checkout' and scan in store to redeem. Dollar off rewards cannot be redeemed for alcohol or gift card purchases. Only one dollar-off reward will be applied per transaction. And remember that punchcard progress take up to 24 hours to update after your purchase.

Please note:

- Same day purchase counts when creating a digital account

- Historical Healthy Rewards purchases don't


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