Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Why do you carry conventional produce?

We offer conventional produce so we can offer a variety of items to our customers. When most people today do not get their 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, we feel it is important to have this full selection of produce items and competitive prices for our customers – giving healthy options to all.

While we offer a great selection of organic produce, we offer conventional produce to ensure you have access to a variety of affordable options. This may include “no spray” or “low spray” produce, as well as local produce that may have been grown organically, but by a farmer that cannot afford to complete the certification process to label their products as Organic. We may also choose to have a conventional item when an Organic variety is not available, to ensure that we have the option available rather than be missing an item completely.


Why don’t you have GMO-free as part of your Food Philosophy?

We have Genetically Modified Organisms in our crosshairs, but we need the help of the government and producers to pull the trigger. We’re excited to see advances made to product labeling, but we’re hoping for more. Knowing where your food comes from is the first step in a happy healthy lifestyle, with or without GMOs.

Earth Fare is committed to providing our customers both quality and affordability, which is why our own private label is primarily certified organic. More than 75% of our Earth Fare brand products are organic and by definition GMO-free.


Are all of your meat products humanely raised?

Depends on who you ask, of course. But yes…all of our meat (beef, chicken, turkey and pork) in our Meat Departments are third-party audited to certify humane handling. Certified Humane is one organization that certifies our meats.


Can I order online / get a product shipped to me?

Unfortunately we do not ship products, but you can order online using Instacart. Click here to get started.


Do you have gift cards?

Yes! Earth Fare gift cards can be purchased in-store, as well as gift cards for your favorite stores and restaurants.


How do I submit a product for review or consideration?

First, check your product honestly and thoroughly against our Food Philosophy and Boot List. If it doesn’t hold up, we’re sorry but we can’t work with you. If it passes, contact us and we’ll send you in the right direction.

Wellness and cleaning products have their own standards and do not fall under our Food Philosophy.


Why are your products not listed on your website?

Our stores are different sizes and carry slightly different inventory. We also change our offerings often, giving the boot to products that no longer meet our Food Philosophy. Because of this, listing the products available at your store is tricky.

For now, we encourage you to call or visit your store. They will be happy to quickly tell you whether we carry what you’re after.


Can I get nutritional information on a specific product?

Please call or visit your local store. They are happy to help with this.


Does Earth Fare have a Coupon Policy?

For Earth Fare coupons received through email and/or text message, there is a limit of one coupon per person, one coupon per transaction, and one item per coupon, except when stated otherwise.

We accept both printed coupons and coupons on your mobile device for Earth Fare coupons ONLY. (You can also write down the PLU number and expiration date on a sheet of paper because we’re all about saving trees!)

For Earth Fare coupons that are sent via text message, there is a limit of one per mobile number and one per person.

Coupons have no cash value. Discounts and coupons cannot be redeemed on gift cards or alcohol. Minimum purchase does not include beer, wine or gift cards.

We DO NOT accept: expired coupons, competitor coupons, coupons that exceed the value of the product (however we will adjust the value of the coupon down to cover the whole cost of the product), or ‘smart source’ coupons.


Why do you run out of product before the end of a promotion?

To ensure that there is enough product for a promotion, we have to make projections weeks before a sale or coupon is advertised. It’s not a perfect science, and sometimes we get it wrong. This is particularly difficult for perishable items such as Produce or Meat products.

We apologize, and our stores are prepared to make it right. If we are out of a promotional product, be sure to let someone at Customer Service know. If they cannot offer a substitution, they will have rain checks available.


Why do you promote products that don’t meet all diets?

We totally understand the personal nature of your food decisions. You don’t want to eat certain things, and sometimes reasons are bigger than just health or allergies. We completely support you. Heck, we’re out there trying hard to give you the foods you need to sustain your particular food journey. But we’re a store too, and we need to serve meat eaters, beer drinkers, and even Mexican Coke sippers who want to meet their diets and our Food Philosophy.


Do you offer alternative options for promotions (vegan, gluten-free, etc.)?

We do NOT offer dietary substitutions for our coupons, but we try to mix them up each week to suit different dietary needs.

We do offer some alternatives for the majority of our $5 meal options, a great deal every day of the week!


Why won’t my coupons print?

Chances are that the issue is with your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.). Try updating to the most up-to-date version of your internet browser, or try opening the page in a different browser. If all else fails, just jot down the coupon deal info and PLU number. We’ll honor it!


Why am I no longer getting emails? Why am I no longer getting texts?

Our emails may be blocked by a spam filter. Look in your junk or trash. If you see an email from us, mark us as a safe sender. It’s also possible that you unsubscribed to emails or texts sometime in the past.

Try re-subscribing with a different email address, or click here to submit a request for assistance.

To re-subscribe to text deals, text “EAT’ to 71700.

You may not receive texts based on your mobile service provider, or if you have an automatic signature added to your text messages. If you have confirmed that your provider allows short code messaging, and you have removed any automatic signatures, text HELP to 71700.


Are you building a store near me? I heard a rumor.

We’re always looking for directions to expand, but we’re like ninjas. You won’t know we’re there until we want you to know. Watch the listings on the Our Stores page for locations opening soon.


I have a complaint about an employee. Who can I tell?

We will make things right! For store issues, it’s best to start by contacting the Store Manager of the store in question. That’s where the change happens.

If you’ve already contacted your Store Manager, and you’re still dissatisfied, contact us. We want to know.


How do I sign up for Healthy Rewards?

You can sign up in the store – just ask any team member!


What is my Healthy Rewards ID?

Your Healthy Rewards ID number can be found on the Top of your card.

Forget your card? No problem! You can also use your Healthy Rewards account at checkout by providing your phone number.


What is my Healthy Rewards balance?

You can find your Healthy Rewards balance at the bottom of your receipt or on checkout screen.


How do I get help with Healthy Rewards?

Visit our Contact page and fill out the quick form. We will be in touch soon!

You can also leave us a message at (855) 357-9084 and someone will contact you as soon as possible.


What happened to Tomato Bank?

Tomato Bank is now Healthy Rewards. It’s a new name and an even better way to save. Healthy Rewards brings a lot of improvements, including a convenient card to use at checkout, opportunities to earn great rewards, and a few more exciting programs that are soon to come!