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People gathereds outside a grocery store

Our Story

Owner folding boxes

In 1975, Earth Fare opened as Dinner for the Earth in Asheville, NC. It was the city’s first health food store and the mission was simple: to offer real food to empower people to regain control of their health.


Our first store was just 1,200 square feet and offered a modest selection of organic dried bulk goods and wellness products. Growing over the years, our commitment to Clean, healthy food has never wavered. Our Food Philosophy ensures that you can shop with confidence in every aisle of our store, without ever needing to read a label.


In March 2020, a loyal customer and local business leader purchased Earth Fare with the vision to reestablish stores in communities across the Southeast. Supported by investors, our original founders, local advocates, and previous Earth Fare Team Members, the team will begin the renewed mission to improve lives by making healthy food available to everyone and bringing our unique Food Philosophy back to the communities we serve.

Our History

Dinner for the Earth 1975


Dinner for the Earth opens as a modest, natural food store in Asheville, NC.

Our Story 1981


Dinner for the Earth expands to 6,000 square feet, offering a selection of locally sourced meats and produce.

Dinner for the Earth Employee


A pioneering Food Philosophy is born, beginning with the ban of hydrogenated oils.

Earth Fare in 1984


Dinner for the Earth becomes Earth Fare and expands into a full-service supermarket.

Earth Fare Charleston Opens 1997


Earth Fare opens its second store in Charleston, SC.

Earth Fare Tomato Logo


The iconic tomato becomes part of Earth Fare, symbolizing natural food from the earth.

Earth Fare Pies


Earth Fare bans artificial sweeteners and sucralose.

Earth Fare Grocery Aisle


Earth Fare is one of the first retailers and health food stores to ban high fructose corn syrup.

Earth Fare in 2020


Earth Fare is revitalized and opens under new investors and leadership, while maintaining the same mission and standards its founders intended.

Our food philosophy