ASHEVILLE, NC – Each time Americans sit down to a meal they have an opportunity to improve their health. And it’s not only what’s on their plates, but who is at their table that counts. The benefits of regular family dinners—including lower rates of childhood obesity and eating disorders in adolescents—have been well documented, but many families still struggle to fit regular meals together into both their schedules and their budgets.

At Earth Fare, we believe that families deserve access to Clean, healthy meal options, and shouldn’t have to sacrifice when it comes to cost or convenience. To meet this need, Earth Fare announces Clean Food Security™, a selection of Clean, healthy, and convenient meals designed to feed a family of four, seven days a week, for an average of $2.50 per person per meal.

“There’s a misconception that Clean, healthy eating costs more. The truth is, not taking care of our health through the foods we eat is what’s really costly,” said Frank Scorpiniti, Earth Fare’s president and CEO. “Our customers are able to shop confidently, knowing that the items they buy are the Cleanest, healthiest products available and Clean Food Security™ allows them to feed a family of four dinner for just $10.”

Earth Fare set out to leverage current in-store offerings to build a week’s worth of Clean meals at a price-point that beats the drive-thru. At the core of this program is their ready-to-go Daily Deal line-up. Each Daily Deal is accompanied by Earth Fare brand products, all sourced with non-GMO ingredients and priced below national brand as well as other “price-locked” items around the store to ensure a well-rounded and balanced meal solution. The complete meal planner can be found at

“It’s no secret that life expectancy in America is on the decline, but it’s within our power to reverse that trend and get on a path toward living longer, healthier lives,” said Scorpiniti. “We have to stop accepting the misconception that healthy eating is not readily accessible and is time-consuming. It simply doesn’t need to be that way.”

Earth Fare made headlines earlier this year when they challenged Americans to take back control of their health through their food choices and Live Longer With Earth Fare®. Since 1975, Earth Fare has distinguished itself as a leader in the healthy foods industry by developing a unique Food Philosophy that informs every product offered in the store. This Food Philosophy ensures that all products sold are free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial fats and trans-fats, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners, bleached or bromated flour, and are never administered antibiotics or growth hormones. In addition, Earth Fare just announced that its more than 750 private brand food products are now sourced using only non-GMO ingredients, and new products are added to the shelves each day.

Learn more about Earth Fare’s fresh approach to improving lives through a healthier lifestyle at


Founded in 1975 in Asheville, North Carolina, Earth Fare is one of the largest natural and organic food retailers in the country, with more than 42 locations across 9 states in the Southeast, mid-Atlantic and Midwest. Their full-service philosophy incorporates the highest food Quality Standards in the industry with compelling value, friendly and knowledgeable service, and superior shopping experience. It’s a philosophy that makes it easy to live a healthier lifestyle, every day.

Live Longer With Earth Fare®.


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