Living Well

  • Fats that Heal with Flora

    The word “fat” often gets a bad rap. But the reality is some fats actually make your body flourish and boost your brain power. Say hello to Flora’s premium omega oils, ranging from an Omega 3+6+9 Blend to the DHA and High Lignan boosted formulas, designed to deliver the good fats your …read more

  • All About Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

    When it comes to eating plant-based, one of the biggest questions is where do you get your protein from? While a plant-based diet still allows for high quality meat, seafood, and eggs in moderation, there are plenty of ways to get plant-based protein on your plate. Beans are a staple, …read more

  • All About Plant-Based Snacking

    Want an easy way to help your family eat healthier? Add more plant-based foods to their diet! Plant-based eating is the simplest, Cleanest way to support a healthy lifestyle, thanks to the natural, unrefined nutrients found in fruits and veggies. To make sure even little ones fit in all …read more

  • All About Dairy Alternatives

    If you’re looking to eat a more plant-based diet, one of the easiest switches to make is to add a plant-based dairy milk alternative to your cart. Follow this breakdown of plant-based options to help you find the right one for you! Almond Milk High in calcium and Vitamin E but low in …read more

  • All About MCT Oil with Bulletproof

    With the growing popularity of high fat diets, MCT oil has become an essential (you have heard of Bulletproof coffee, right?). Like coconut and olive oil, MCT oil is made of fatty acids called triglycerides, and “MCT” stands for “medium chain triglycerides, a type of fatty acid. This …read more

  • A Zest For Citrus

    It may be cold out, but winter brings plenty of bright, colorful, and delicious citrus! Whether you eat them straight, blend in smoothies, or use to add sweet acidity to your favorite dishes, you can find both your favorite oranges and exciting new finds at your local Earth Fare. Use the …read more

  • Five Ways to Incorporate Om Mushrooms Into Your New Year Routine

    2019 is the year of self-care. From meditation to making cleaner food choices, there are small ways to make big changes in your health and wellness routine. And Om Mushroom Superfood Powders are the perfect way to support your health resolutions. Not only are they USDA Certified Organic, …read more

  • Empowering Communities with Alaffia

    Did you know that many wellness and beauty products are produced without promising that their workers have safe working conditions or earn a living wage? Natural and cruelty-free skin and bodycare brand Alaffia is about more than helping you achieve glowing skin (though it’s definitely …read more

  • Gut love: A Personalized Approach to Probiotics with MegaFood

    Probiotic supplements support healthy digestion and healthy immune function. They can also help maintain a balance of healthy microflora. Now, recent research is showing the effects of probiotics may extend far beyond what we previously thought, into the realms of mood, energy, immune …read more