Living Well

  • Live the Plant Life

    Our #1 New Year's Resolution? Eat More Plants

    Eating, and enjoying, more plants is getting even easier in 2020. With so many new and exciting ways to enjoy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, you’ll never be bored by what’s on your plate. Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, or …read more

  • Seasonal Strength

    Good health starts with a strong immune system

    Fighting off a sore throat, stubborn cold, or unsettled stomach is never easy, but there are plenty of ways to naturally relieve cold and flu symptoms and keep your immune system strong. Remember to drink plenty of water and try …read more

  • Blend Like a Pro

    An easy & delicious way to stay healthy every day

    A fresh-pressed juice as an afternoon pick-me-up or paired with fiber- and protein-rich foods for a meal is a classic health food staple, but smoothies can have it all in one cup or bowl. A healthy smoothie starts with a base of a …read more

  • London Broil

    What is it that turns London broil into a succulent, protein-forward meal?

    Once you’ve chosen excellent grass fed beef, a long soak in a marinade is the key. Marinades for this cut of beef typical feature Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and garlic.

    After marinating your meat for …read more

  • Creating a Morning Routine with Garden of Life

    How we start our day can have a big impact on how we feel by the time 5 p.m. rolls around. That’s why we like to incorporate these five habits every day--so we can take on the day healthy and happy.


    Drink at least 8 ounces of water. Wake yourself up and get your digestive …read more

  • Wild, Natural, & Organic Skincare from evanhealy

    The perfect skincare routine can feel like a unicorn: magical but unrealistic. Then add on wanting truly Clean and from nature ingredients and formulas, and things get even harder. 

    Enter evanhealy.

    This natural skincare brand relies on Certified Organic and wild-crafted plants, …read more

  • A Healthy Gut for Every Body with Nordic Naturals

    Did you know that there are at least as many bacteria living in your digestive tract as there are cells in your body?

    Luckily, all those microscopic bugs, known as your microbiome, can seriously benefit your health. Maintaining a healthy balance of all that bacteria is …read more

  • A selection of Charlotte's Web Hemp Extract Liquid Capsules.

    What Makes Charlotte’s Web’s New Liquid CBD Capsules So Great

    Whether you’re new to CBD or are looking for new ways to add this wellness superstar to your routine, the most important step is to find a brand you can trust. That’s why we love Charlotte’s Web Hemp and their new Liquid CBD Capsules. It’s all about those Clean ingredients and …read more

  • Keeping Our ECS Healthy

    Tags: endocannabinoid system, hemp-derived cannabidiol, PlusCBD oil, Earth Fare, CBD Earth Fare, natural CBD

    The holiday season is approaching quickly, and we’re headed toward what some may call the “happiest time of year,” but with the hustle and bustle of the season also comes holiday stress. 


    That’s why self-care is so crucial--because a healthy and happy you translates into a …read more