Living Well

  • Support Seasonal Allergies, Naturally

    We all love to embrace the warmth of spring. The blooms, the trees, the sunshine – it's intoxicating after a winter spent indoors. But for some, April showers and May flowers mean allergy season and all the itchy, watery, and runny symptoms that follow. For such a friendly season, why …read more

  • Homemade Mint Extract

    The subtle fragrance of mint is irresistible. Internally it’s refreshing and soothing – the perfect remedy for a heavy meal or a hot summer day. Adding fresh mint to water has been the craze for a while now but you can also bottle up this friendly green to make your baked goods and …read more

  • How to Make Natural Easter Egg Dye

    It's the time of year when little hands search for eggs hidden by a sneaky bunny. From dyeing the eggs to carefully placing each treasure in their basket, it's a lot of 'hands-on' time. So it's important to use all natural ingredients so your little ones enjoy the fun, worry-free. This …read more

  • Foods for a Healthy Heart

    When your heart speaks, take good notes. - Joseph Campbell Over the last 5o years we’ve been told to eat a low fat diet because we thought that eating fat makes us fat and causes heart disease. While it is true that the excess fat on our bodies makes us sicker and more likely to have a …read more