With all the planning, socializing, sugar eating, and more the holidays bring, it’s easy to feel run down by New Year’s Eve. To help you stay energized, healthy, and happy, try including some of these supplements in your wellness routine, in addition to sneaking some veggies on your plate too.

1. A caffeine-free detox tea

Okay, technically this isn’t a supplement, but tea can have some serious health benefits. It can soothe a scratchy throat after singing “All I Want for Christmas” for the 100th time last night, and with a cleansing formula, a warm cup of tea can ease digestion, helping your gut feel refreshed after all the eggnog and cookies.

2. Energizing gummies

Taking a B12 vitamin can help support your energy levels after all those late night holiday parties. It’s especially useful if you’re vegan and vegetarian, since B12 is naturally found in meat, fish, and dairy. Plus, if you get it in a naturally flavored gummy, it’s like a little treat.

3. Chewable enzymes

If your intake of hard-to-digest foods goes up over the holidays (looking at you dairy, gluten, and red meat), a digestive enzyme can help your body breakdown food and prevent or ease bloating and that general sluggishness that comes after eating a large meal.

4. Melatonin because sleep

Our bodies naturally produce the hormone melatonin, which tells our brain that it’s time to chill out and go to bed. But when we’re traveling, stressed out, or just can’t seem to calm down, our natural melatonin cycles can use a little support. Take some about 10-15 minutes before bed (and plug your phone in away from the bed so you can actually fall asleep).

5. Serious immune support

Again, because of travel, being stressed and tired, or just interacting with more people, your immune system may need some help warding off a cold. Start supporting your body preventively with a Vitamin C supplement or elderberry to naturally keep you healthy all season long.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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