Your gut has something to tell you

There’s more and more scientific evidence about the benefits of a healthy gut, but do you know what else stomach health effects? New research has shown that the health of the bacteria in your gut can affect everything from our digestion to our immune systems and mood.* Changing up your diet with probiotic-rich food can actually help the healthy bacteria in your gut flourish.

Try these 8 probiotic- and fiber-rich foods to help balance your gut flora.

  • Earth Fare Organic Sauerkraut: Fermented foods like our Organic Sauerkraut provide your body with natural probiotics to aid in digestion and gut health. Try it on sandwiches, Earth Fare made in-house bratwurst, or as a tangy topping for Buddha bowls.
  • Vibrant Health Green Vibrance: This plant-based superfood supplement can help improve and strengthen digestion and immune health with nutrient-dense, concentrated real foods. Try adding the Chocolate Coconut flavor to smoothies or use Matcha for a frothy, creamy drink with natural caffeine.
  • Rudi’s Organic Loaf Bread: Packed with whole grains, Rudi’s Organic Breads are made with the best Organic ingredients and no artificial flavors, preservatives, or pesticides for a high fiber lunch that feeds and maintains the bacteria in our gut.
  • Organic Broccoli: Broccoli supports a healthy gut since it’s full of 15% of our daily value of fiber. Your gut microbes actually “eat” fiber, which is important for easing digestion. Try it as a fresh, seasonal side.
  • Organic Spinach: This superfood can help reduce inflammation and provide probiotic-like benefits to our guts thanks to Vitamin K1. Use is as a hearty salad base, in smoothies, or as a savory side with garlic and olive oil.
  • Organic Brussel Sprouts: Rich in potassium, protein, and folate, Brussel sprouts also contain Omega-3 fatty acid, which are crucial for managing inflammation–both in the gut and the rest of the body. Roast them for a healthy snack!
  • Organic Artichokes: A nutritional powerhouse, artichokes contain many nutrients that can help lower cholesterol and fight against irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion.
  • Kombucha: This tea beverage is fermented with gut-friendly bacteria and yeast, giving it its signature bubbly and tart flavor. There are also plenty of options that are naturally sweetened with fruit if you prefer a sweeter flavor.

Why It Matters

A healthy microbiome can help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, and colon cancer, in addition to affecting how the immune system functions. In fact, recent studies have found that healthy gut bacteria can work to minimize or prevent allergies, asthma, and even rheumatoid arthritis.*

* “Can gut bacteria improve your health?” Harvard Health Publishing. 2016.

* “Keeping Your Gut in Check,” National Institutes of Health. 2017.

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