Anxiety. It’s like being hit by a freight truck of insecurity and irrational fears. When anxiety starts interfering with your ability to reason with yourself and perform normal daily functions, it’s time to treat yourself. 

Fortunately, the herbal legends at RidgeCrest have combined a number of chillaxing herbs and supporting vitamins to help your body find balance and recovery. Anxiety is often the result of long-term stress, and their Anxiety Free™ will help you feel less out of whack and cool as a cucumber. (The formula is designed to take the edge off, but always remember to seek the help of a licensed medical provider.)

The Herbs in Anxiety Free™

Eleuthero Root

Eleuthero root was the first well-studied adaptogen and is responsible for the entire classification. An adaptogen is a substance that promotes the body’s overall capacity to handle non-specific forms of stress. By helping the body find homeostasis, it supports the ability to respond to external forces that strain the body. It has been part of TCM since its foundation but was only recognized by the rest of the world in the 1960s thanks to the work of Russian scientists. 

Lemon Balm

This calming herb comes from the Austrian folk tradition of medicine. Rich in essential oil, lemon balm is a common ingredient in teas and is used both internally and externally for various health measures. Part of the mint family, the restful eugenol in the leaves are particularly good for addressing the effects of long-term stress.

Passion Flower Herb

A plant with a variety of historical uses, the Cherokee tribe used passion flower in poultices, to aid weaning babies, and as a blood tonic. Today, evidence suggests it has potential to promote well-being, relaxation, and sleep. Scientifically it contains alkaloids, flavonoids, fatty acids, chrysin, and more. 

Lavender Herb

Used in every culture from TCM to Shamanism, lavender is known even in the Western mainstream world for its gentle, lovely scent and ability to promote relaxation. One old tradition says that it earned its smell when the baby Jesus’ clothes were hung over a lavender plant to dry. In TCM lavender is used to promote fertility, support the body during stress, and more.

Ashwagandha Root Extract

An Ayurvedic herb, in Sanskrit Ashwagandha translates to “the smell of a horse,” and is believed to impart the energy and vigor of a stallion to those who use it. Science has a shown Ashwagandha to include alkaloids, choline, fatty acids, withanolides, and amino acids, which support a number of bodily systems. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb often used to promote calm, support cognitive health, and help promote a healthy immune system.

Holy Basil Extract

This Ayurvedic herb is called “Tulsi” in Hindi, which translates to “the incomparable one.” It was also often called an “elixir of life,” and now we know it is an adaptogen, having properties that help support the body’s overall ability to manage stress. Considered holy, it is often planted around Hindu shrines. It also makes a delicious cooking herb.

Find this calming blend from RidgeCrest Herbals in the Wellness department of your local Earth Fare!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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