Earth Fare does seafood better. You never have to wonder where your seafood is from or how it is processed because we guarantee that ALL of our seafood is 100% traceable and sustainably sourced. And like everything in our store, our seafood is free of preservatives, antibiotics, additives, and added hormones. You can learn more about why this is important here.

In addition to all of our fresh daily options in store, we also offer 100+ varieties of fresh fish available for custom order, including more seafood sourced from the U.S. than any competitor. In fact, we’ll have your custom order fresh off the boat to you in less than 48 hours.

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

With 100+ varieties of fresh fish there’s a lot to choose from! Our seafood experts can help you find the perfect match when you’re ready to try something new. We also offer a handy seafood guide in the store (or below) to help you choose.

Here are a few favorite choices from our seafood experts:

  • Cobia, found in the waters of Massachusetts during the summer, is very flavorful and can be cooked any way you like.
  • Bronzino (loup de mer), native to the eastern Atlantic Ocean, is thin, flaky, and mild in flavor.
  • Tripletail, extremely hard to catch, but sweet, flaky and very versatile, delicious broiled, baked, sautéed, or simply grilled.
  • Striped Bass, native to the Atlantic coastline of North America, is moderately fatty with a rich flavor and large, firm flake.
  • Opah, very sustainable and caught in Hawaii, it has a rich, creamy taste and firm, fatty texture that makes it excellent for grilling.

Sushi Grade

Sushi originated as a way to preserve salted fish in fermented rice and the original meaning of the word translates to “sour-tasting”. Fast forward to 18th century Japan when raw sushi became popular as a precursor to fast food – it could be prepared quickly and eaten without utensils. Today’s sushi is quite different, instead celebrating the taste and texture of the freshest, highest grade seafood available.

We all love a good sushi bar, but what if you could enjoy sushi at home? It’s pretty much the ultimate date night! Our seafood department offers several sushi-grade options, from traditional options like yellowfin tuna to more exotic options like kampachi from Hawaii or steelhead trout from Iceland.

Sushi grade simply means the cut is best for sushi or medium-rare cooking. If it’s a filet, it has been cut to sushi standards to prevent toughness. At Earth Fare, sushi grade also means that the seafood is handled delicately and immediately sealed once cut to limit handling from the market to your plate. This limits exposure to bacteria so you can enjoy the freshest fish at home.

Ready to try some sushi at home? Try this recipe for Tuna Poke Bowls from Reclaiming Yesterday.

Straight Off the Boat, Every Day

Some boats stay at sea for a long time, but not at Earth Fare. We offer fishermen a dayboat program, which means that these hardworking men and women are guaranteed to sell their day’s work – no matter the size of the catch. And because the boat isn’t sitting at sea, it means fresher fish for you every day.

Ready to try something new? Find your perfect catch below and contact your store for a special order!



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