If you’re asking if you should start taking a probiotic, maybe the question should be why wouldn’t you take a probiotic.

Imbalances in our guts can cause a wide array of health issues, from just annoying to more severe. Probiotics can help support a healthy gut though, making it an easy essential to incorporate into your routine.

At Earth Fare, we only carry probiotics with the strictest ingredient guidelines and no animal testing, making it easier for you to shop for supplements without the guesswork.

And that’s where we introduce Probulin®’s next generation of probiotics.

Probulin® is intently focused on the health of your digestive system, and they believe probiotics could be the next essential vitamin thanks to the overwhelming evidence supporting probiotics’ benefits for both the digestive system and the body as a whole. Their mission is to offer a comprehensive level of support to the digestive system and thus contributing to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Developing targeted, scientifically-validated formulas, their probiotics benefit a variety of digestive system differences. Specifically, Probulin® offers three different varieties: Daily Care, which is a good, general probiotic for anyone, Women’s Health, and Colon Support. Each one is non-GMO, Drug-GMP Certified, and doesn’t contain yeast, corn, soy, gluten, wheat, fillers, binders, or flow agents, such as magnesium stearate.

Finding the right formulas is an important part of Probulin®’s process, which is why they focus on intentionally adding and scientifically documenting probiotic strains that are harvested at their peak health, when the bacteria is then freeze dried into hibernation for stability.

The benefits of these living microorganisms can vary depending on your lifestyle and health, but probiotics are generally considered good bacteria for balancing digestive health. And the payoffs may extend further, since a healthy bacterial ecosystem can play a crucial role in helping support the health of the entire body, from the immune system to weight management.

To see if your probiotic is working for you, make sure to commit to your probiotic for at least a month, giving the bacteria time to work in your body.

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