Most of us know that our skin needs a little bit of love, and that a nightly routine is essential for maintenance and nourishment. But, hey, it’s complicated! Admittedly, we love to get lost in the many aisles of cruelty-free body care products offered in our stores – but we also know that time is a luxury for most, especially when grocery shopping.

That’s why we love it when companies, like Mineral Fusion®, take the work out of skincare with kits curated for the ultimate nourishment routine. The brand new Overnight Renewal System from Mineral Fusion® just hit our store shelves and it’s our newest nighttime addiction.

Why is nighttime so important? Well, it turns out that the phrase “get your beauty sleep” holds more truth than you might think. In fact, your body conducts a natural nighttime renewal process every time you sleep. New skin cells grow faster while you sleep, and deep REM sleep is especially key for cell turnover and regeneration. And if you need a little more coaxing to go to bed at a decent time every night, sleep also reduces cortisol (the hormone responsible for thinning skin and stretch marks), and sleep also increases melatonin (a hormone that fights age spots and fine lines). So, hey, turn off the lights and head to bed… but first, take extra care of your skin.

Mineral Fusion® has made it easy with their new Overnight Renewal System – a curated kit designed to help speed up your body’s natural nighttime recovery process. Here’s a snapshot of what’s included in the kit:

Step One. Charcoal Gel Cleanser
The first step cleanses your skin and washes away daily debris so the skin is prepped and ready for treatment. Active Charcoal gently detoxifies skin, removing impurities and makeup. This minimizes the appearance of pores and leaves skin ultra-clean for nighttime treatment.

Step Two. Line-Smoothing Nighttime Treatment
Once the skin is clean, the second step is to apply a concentrated serum so the skin can soak up all of the benefits. Mineral Fusion® includes powerful actives, Glycolic Acid and Pineapple Fruit Enzyme, to help uncover smoother skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Step Three. Nighttime Recovery Face Cream
Our bodies are hard at work while we sleep, and naturally lose moisture during the process. So this last step is essential to maintain healthy, dewy skin while you sleep. This face cream includes deeply restorative Evening Primrose Oil, high in omega fatty acids, a wrinkle fighting peptide, and naturally exfoliating Glycolic Acid to bring renewed skin to the surface.

Here’s the truth: it was hard for us to wait for bedtime to try out this system. Seriously, it was ten in the morning and we were ready to pack our bags, shut off the lights, and scrub the very short day away. But work, right? When nighttime finally arrived, the wait was definitely worth it.

First, the cleanser. We’ve been big fans of activated charcoal for a long time. It’s great for the skin and so many more things – in fact, you should definitely keep a bottle in your cabinet. Our skin was so fresh, and so clean that we were able to skip our regular toner (a redundant step that is often necessary due to residual debris).

The treatment and cream were also a pleasure. Our skin felt fresh and dewy, and we were so ready for bed. Fast forward seven or so hours (because beauty sleep is real) and we woke up with vibrant, refreshed skin. The effects were so visible that we skipped our normal make-up routine and opted for simple concealer and powder. Game-changer.

If you’re wondering if this sweet little package can fit into your beauty needs, here’s a bonus: all three products are fragrance free, gluten free, paraben free, hypo-allergic, one hundred percent vegan – and always, at Earth Fare, cruelty-free.


Mineral Fusion® started in 2006 with a mission to leave skin and hair in better condition than they found it. Their innovative collection of antioxidant-enriched, mineral-rich cosmetics, hair care, body care, skincare, and nail care products are infused with active ingredients that deliver the wide-ranging benefits of minerals to revitalize, nourish, and protect. All products are safe for sensitive skin types, 100% vegetarian (most are vegan) and eco-friendly, and are free of gluten, parabens, SLS, phthalates, artificial colors (except nail polish), and synthetic fragrances.

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