New year, new you, right? Yes, it’s that time of year where we’re all signing up for gym memberships, saying we’ll cut carbs, and generally trying to reclaim our health.

An easy and effective way to improve your overall health though is to simply put a plant on it. Adding more fruits, vegetables, and nuts can increase energy, provide the body with essential nutrients, and help you feel overall healthier.

An easy first step is to switch to almondmilk. Whether you typically eat cereal in the morning or like a splash in your evening tea, almondmilk is full of healthy fats and fiber and low in calories and carbs.

That’s why New Barn believes in making real almondmilk with real ingredients. They make authentic, best-in-class, super premium plant-based products, including Organic Almondmilk and non-dairy AlmondCreme Almondmilk “ice cream”–all with just a few clean, simple ingredients.

New Barn Organic Almondmilk is authentic almondmilk, just like you would make at home (without the work). The taste and texture comes from lots of delicious organic almonds–not added “flavors” or artificial gums, and it’s carrageenan-free. Serving for serving, New Barn’s almondmilk has three times the almond content of most other brands, with 3g of protein per serving. That’s approximately 62 almonds per bottle and 18 almonds per serving.

Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, New Barn Almondmilk is also kosher, vegan, and gluten-free to fit every lifestyle and dietary preference.

(And if you’re kickstarting the new year with a diet or cleanse, New Barn’s Unsweetened Almondmilk is Whole 30 approved!)

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