Baking soda and vinegar have been used for decades as home cleaning solutions in the battle against dirt and grime. But what if you could transform these everyday kitchen staples into something a little more user-friendly? A more pleasant smell and a more viscous liquid?

That’s the question that inspired Mrs. Meyer’s® Brand to create their brand new Baking Soda Cream Cleaner and Vinegar Gel No-Rinse Cleaner. But what exactly can you use them to clean? The list is actually quite long, but here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks on how these new formulas can transform your everyday cleaning.

Brilliantly Brighten with Baking Soda

The scientific name for baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. It’s been used by savvy cleaners for years as a mildly abrasive cleaner that is perfect for cleaning surfaces without scratching or leaving a gunky residue.

Mrs. Meyer’s® Brand also added naturally abrasive limestone flour and created a thick and creamy texture so that the formula stays put and won’t dissolve away before you’re done cleaning.

Put it to Work:

  • Sinks and Bathtubs – Apply directly to the surface and scour with a sponge, cloth, or bristle brush to remove soap scum.
  • Stovetops – Apply to a tough stain and wipe clean with a rag.
  • Cookware – Add to a tub of warm water and soak stained cookware for an hour. Drain water and apply a little more formula directly to stain and scour to remove.
  • Freezer – Melt away frost, then dampen a sponge with warm water and formula to wipe down shelves and walls.

*With baking soda, it’s important to avoid wood surfaces, mirrors, and small appliances.

Sparkle and Shine with Vinegar Gel

Vinegar can be made from lots of things, including fruit, rice, grain, or fermented beverages. Its active ingredient is acetic acid which cleans, dissolves and makes surfaces shine.

This new formula from Mrs. Meyer’s® Brand is actually quite unique – in fact, there’s nothing like it on the market. Aside from the pleasant lemon verbena scent, it’s also thickened up for better application control and no more unwanted splashes!

Put it to Work:

  • Stainless Steel – Dampen a rag with the gel, then rub with the grain until it shines like new. (Bonus: you no longer need that one extra bottle in your cabinet just to clean your stainless steel.)
  • Handles and Knobs – Sponge off greasy, grimy (well-handled) surfaces with warm water and the gel.
  • Ceramic Tiles – Clean the shower before it’s dirty by wiping down the walls with the gel on a damp cloth immediately after showering.
  • Toilets – Scrub away stubborn rings by applying the gel. Allow gel to set for an hour and then scrub it away with a toilet brush.

*With vinegar, it’s important to avoid wood surfaces, marble, and soapstone.

These new formulas are a great way to simplify your overcrowded cleaning cabinet and get back to the (pleasantly smelling and reinvented) basics!

Mrs. Meyer’s products were inspired by the real Thelma A. Meyer, an Iowa homemaker and mother of nine. Tired of a cleaning aisle full of harsh, stinky chemicals, she set out to reinvent the cleaning game with products that smelled like a garden and cleaned like the dickens. Their line of products now spans the entire household, from laundry to the bathroom and everywhere in between. Clean, funky, and always pleasantly fragrant, Mrs. Meyer’s® Brand helps you fight dirt and grime without any harsh chemicals.

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