Not all of us remember the days of the milkman and fresh milk delivered to your doorstep, but we can all feel a little sentimental and pine for the good old days – unless those days aren’t actually so far behind us.

Here’s the good news, you don’t have to travel back in time to enjoy a fresh bottle of cold milk. With Homestead Creamery, an old-fashioned glass bottle of milk is as close as your favorite Earth Fare store. Whether it’s the classic glass bottle, or the creamiest of creamy taste, there’s a lot to love about Homestead Creamery.

The dream to bring back fresh bottled milk started in 2001, when two local dairy farmers joined forces to market their dairy directly to consumers. (Seriously, they actually started a milk delivery service, just like way back when.) Today, Homestead Creamery is the labor of four family farms nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where more than 400 cows happily roam the lush green fields.

It’s hard not to notice the pure quality of Homestead Creamery milk. Whether you pop open a bottle of creamy chocolate milk or rich buttermilk, the thick cream top speaks for itself. If butter is your thing, Homestead Creamery creates old-fashioned, hand-pressed butter that rivals traditional European butters with eighty-five percent butterfat. And if family traditions are sacred, nothing compares to whipping up grandmother’s biscuits with Homestead Creamery Buttermilk or baking mom’s cookies with Homestead Creamery Butter. We’re not kidding. Try it once and you will never go back.

What makes Homestead Creamery different? Well there’s a lot of things, but first let’s talk about pasteurization. Most milk from conventional supermarkets is ultra-pasteurized, which includes heating the milk to 280˚F for two minutes. This process kills microorganisms and allows the milk to remain shelf stable longer than pasteurized milk. Homestead Creamery takes an alternate approach, instead using High Heat, Short Time pasteurization where the milk is heated to 172˚F for just 20 seconds. This minimal pasteurization still removes unwanted bacteria but also better preserves the taste and quality of farm-fresh milk.

While ultra-pasteurized milk brings advantages, perceptions on these benefits have recently changed. In fact, many people are starting to prefer minimal pasteurized milk because it retains certain nutrients that are not present in ultra-pasteurized milk due to the extreme heating process. Homestead Creamery dairy does have a shorter expiration date than some of the lackluster plastic gallons that line the dairy aisle of conventional supermarkets, but fresh milk comes with an expiration date (and after all, we bet it won’t stay full in your fridge for long).

Beyond minimal pasteurization, there’s a lot of care that goes into Homestead Creamery milk and butter before that bottle lands in your fridge. The farmers at Homestead Creamery know that preserving family farms and dairy traditions starts with stewarding the animals and the earth. From growing non-GMO feed for the cows directly on the farm, to implementing practices that improve soil health and water quality, Homestead is dedicated to maintaining their farms in a natural way. And the cows, well they have access to a dedicated doctor and enjoy vibrant green Virginia hills, water misters and shade in the summer, and even a back scratching post (true story).

You can enjoy the full range of Homestead Creamery products at your local Earth Fare, including Whole Milk, Reduced Fat Milk, Buttermilk, Chocolate Milk, Cowpuccino Milk, NEW Strawberry Milk, Butter, Custard (seasonal), Eggnog (seasonal) and even Lemonade. And here’s a little glimpse at some fun we had capturing the tradition of Homestead Creamery dairy.


Homestead Creamery is a small, locally-owned dairy cooperative of four 4th generation family farms nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Started in 2001 by two farmers on a mission to preserve family farms for future generations and market fresh-from-the-farm dairy, Homestead Creamery is the way milk should taste™.

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