The season of wellness is upon us. As much as we welcome the arrival of fall, we also know that our body takes a hit from the seasonal changes in the weather and our environment. So prepping your body with a little added support to get you through the winter starts now.

We know that you are what you eat. Dietary choices go a long way to support health and wellness all year long, but what if you need a little more support? Enter herbal medicine.

Herb Pharm® knows herbal medicine. For nearly 40 years this company has been a leader in honoring traditional herbal medicine with a commitment to the highest quality standards and the most innovative formulas. The company began in a small kitchen, at a time when the do-it-yourself movement was just taking root. They were on a mission to take back your own health – a sentiment that we couldn’t agree with more.

Now, Herb Pharm® grows over 70 herbs on their certified organic farm in Josephine County, OR. It’s no mistake why Herb Pharm® landed in pristine Josephine County, one of the first counties in the U.S. to go 100% GMO-free. Their commitment to the highest quality ingredients continues after harvest, in a laboratory on premises where scientists test each herb for purity and botanical identity.

Why Liquid Herbal Extracts?

For those who have never tried a liquid herbal extract, it can be a bit daunting to start. You may wonder exactly what herb or formula to choose, and you may also wonder how to best administer the drops or why choose a liquid in place of a capsule.

Liquid extracts are favored because of their absorbability and dosage flexibility. It’s a bit like liquid gel caps over a traditional tablet – but better. And because you can administer as many drops as you like, up to the recommended dose, the dosage can be completely tailored to your needs. This also means that you can easily create your own ‘formula’ using single herbs and that you can add herbal support to your normal dietary choices. Our favorite ways to incorporate liquid herbal extracts include in a smoothie, in a spritzer, or in tea.

What Herbs Should I Start With?

Herbal medicine is incredibly versatile. It is a great option for added support to address both daily ongoing needs (like focus or stress) as well as active support for immediate needs (like immune support or sleep). * For Daily Support, these formulas from Herb Pharm® are a great place to start:

  • Stress Manager™ – Using adaptogenic herbs, this formula supports your body’s ability to adapt to stress. It’s a great daily addition for those looking to aid the body’s natural ability to cope with mental and physical stress, as well as foggy thinking and sluggishness.*
  • Daily Immune Builder™ (formerly Immune Defense) – This formula provides daily support to the immune system so that your body can respond to challenges with ease.* It’s a great option as the seasons change or when you expect added exposure to immune challenges (i.e. traveling, attending a conference, teaching a class).
  • Inflamma Response™ – This blend includes Turmeric to support a healthy inflammatory response, which makes it a great daily program for those who are active and need added support.*

For Active Support, these formulas from Herb Pharm® are fantastic to keep on hand:

  • Anxiety Soother™ – Combining herbs like Passionflower and Lavender, this formula supports occasional and mild anxiety.* Keep it on hand when you need to find a bit of calm right away.
  • Rapid Immune Boost™ – This “feel better faster” formula combines several immune supportive herbs like Echinacea, Goldenseal, and Black Elderberry to provide immediate immune support when you need it most.*
  • Relaxing Sleep™ – This blend supports a healthy night’s sleep with Valerian to aid in your body’s ability to fall asleep, Passionflower to help settle a busy mind, and Hops to support relaxation.*

How to Make Herbs a Part of Your Routine

You’ve likely found at least one formula above that can support your needs (but keep in mind that Herb Pharm® offers lots of options), so what’s next?

A common concern with liquid extracts is the taste. Some herbs are sweet and delicious (like Black Elderberry), while others are astringent or bitter and take some getting used to. What you might not realize is that tasting the herbs is a beneficial part of the process. For instance, some herbs like Better Bitters™ have a taste that is designed by nature to support a function of the body. In the case of Bitters, the taste encourages the digestive system to spring into action and is a taste that is typically missing from our diets. So don’t be afraid to embrace the taste!

The most important step is to commit to taking the liquid herbal extract on a regular basis. If the taste is too much for you, ease into it by adding to a natural juice, herbal tea, smoothie, rather than a little bit of water. You will also want to keep the bottle handy and in a conspicuous place that triggers your memory – your desk at work is a great option.

For Active Support formulas, take as needed when you require immediate support. For Daily Support, these formulas are designed to be a staple in your daily routine. But occasionally you might want to skip a day or two. This will allow your body to reset so you can check in on how you feel. You will likely notice a difference without the herbal support, but you might also realize that your body no longer has a need for that daily support and it’s time to try something new.

Whatever path you choose, herbal medicine is nature’s gift to help enhance our body’s natural ability to heal itself – and that is a very empowering thought!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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