The tradition of making New Year’s resolutions suggests that health is a personal choice. While health does depend on our lifestyle choices, those choices are greatly affected by our environment. In fact, two accurate predictors of our health, and lifespan, are having access to healthy food and how much time we spend in places that foster wellness.

How we treat our bodies and where we spend our time each day both have the power to change the trajectory of our health and our family’s health. This New Year, focus on making space for wellness in your daily routine with easy swaps.

1. Instead of meeting friends for dinner and drinks out, host a gathering at home where you can cook together and prepare healthy options that align with your goals.

2. Take your workout outdoors when you can. Being outside can improve your mood and help you get a dose of natural Vitamin D from the sun. Even better if you can take friends and family with you.

3. Turn off all electronics two hours before bedtime. Instead, read a book or take a bath to help you relax, then get at least eight hours of sleep to make sure you feel well-rested in the morning.

4. Make your home a place of wellness. Read the labels on your household cleaners and family’s body care products, then swap them for plant-based, chemical-free options that won’t bring harmful chemicals into your home.

5. Spend more time in the Produce and Wellness Departments of your local grocery store. This will ensure you come home with healthy food and body care products that nourish and support your health.

– Chief Medical Officer Angela C. Hind, M.D.

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