It’s the new year, and you’ve probably heard all about how different supplements can support your overall health and wellness. Recently, probiotics have become the most buzzed about supplement thanks to their ability to keep our digestive system on track.


But what are probiotics and what do they really do? These live microorganisms are part of the “good” bacteria that are mostly located in our gastrointestinal tracts, where 100% of digestive function, the basis of metabolic function, and 70-80% of immune function are located. Typically taken as a tablet or gummy vitamin, they can also be found in liquid or powders, like in GoLive’s yummy ready-to-drink enhanced beverages or on-the-go drink mixes. Probiotics can help keep that “good” bacteria in balance.


And then there are prebiotics. Essentially the food for probiotics, prebiotics are sugars and fibers that help probiotics flourish. Luckily, it’s easy to get this mix of tummy-supporting bacteria. GoLive includes an optimal blend of probiotics and prebiotics in each of their delicious drinks and drink mixes, meaning everyone from children to adults can see these benefits.


Here’s a breakdown of how GoLive’s unique (and delicious) formulas mean happy and healthy bellies for everyone.


In children, probiotics and prebiotics can:

-Ease an upset stomach

-Aid in nutrient and vitamin absorption

-Support a strong immune system

-Promote skin health

-Replenish good bacteria during and after antibiotics


In women, probiotics and prebiotics can:

-Promote regularity

-Relieve intestinal discomfort

-Maintain essential nutrient levels

-Prevent urinary tract infections

-Support normal sleep cycles


In athletes, probiotics and prebiotics can:

-Help convert sugars into essential nutrients

-Short recovery time

-Help reduce fatigue

-Reduce recovery time from respiratory illnesses

-Aid in nutrient absorption


In adults, probiotics and prebiotics can:

-Relieve intestinal discomfort

-Help maintain a healthy metabolism

-Help keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure in check

-Help manage and reduce inflammation

-Support a healthy immune system

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