Why your diet is the secret to radiant skin

The next big thing in skincare: your diet. Yes, thanks to the natural healthy fats and antioxidants in certain foods, the best way to achieve soft, glowing skin, shiny and strong hair, and healthy nails is with the foods you eat. Naturally occurring Omega-3 fatty acids restore moisture and reduce inflammation, while antioxidants provide protection from free radicals, like air pollution and sun damage.

Try incorporating more of these foods into your diet to literally glow from the inside out!


  • Fatty Fish: Rich in those Omega-3 fatty acids, eating fish like Chilean Sea Bass and Wild Caught Salmon can strengthen skin cells and reduce inflammation from conditions like acne, dryness, and sensitivity.
  • Mixed Berries: Berries are full of antioxidants, which protect our skin from pollution that causes acne, discoloration, and other skin concerns. Try replacing your usual sugar craving with these naturally sweet fruits instead.
  • Earth Fare Organic Green Tea: This naturally caffeinated alternative to coffee is full of antioxidants that boost blood flow and oxygen to the skin, which delivers key nutrients to your complexion, helping to stay clear and radiant.
  • Organic Kale: Just one cup of kale provides your skin with over 100% of your daily values of Vitamins A and C, two key nutrients for keeping skin firm and youthful.
  • Earth Fare Alkaline Water: Packed with electrolytes, our Alkaline Water is the key to healthy skin, hair, and nails since hydration is the cornerstone of a healthy diet and complexion.

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