It’s the holidays, and everyone is gathering, eating cookies, reminiscing on the past year, and sharing gifts. One of the most fun and exciting parts of all the parties is gift giving, showing each other that we “get them.” We spend all this time picking out the perfect gifts for our loved ones, mulling over their likes and dislikes, their wants and needs. It’s a puzzle, and we put in a lot of effort putting the pieces together.

Those pieces can get harder to put together though when you start to consider where some gifts are coming from and what materials are being used. Many conventional gifts are mass produced with unsafe materials and without promising that their workers have safe working conditions or make a living wage. It can make walking through any store dizzying.

When you find a gift that hits all the marks though, ethical, sustainable, perfect, it’s like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That’s why Earth Fare offers gifts that check every point on your shopping list. From hand poured, local candles to Fair Trade wool ornaments, there’s something for everyone. Now, you can be just as happy about

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