The secret to keeping kids energized

Kids are busy with school, extracurricular activities, and friend. That’s why it’s important for them to get the proper nutrition to perform their best. A healthy after-school snack can keep kids from getting groggy, helping them concentrate thanks to natural energy.

Why It Matters

Studies have shown that participation in extracurricular activities can benefit children’s social skills, emotional development, and academic performance.* That’s why it’s important to make sure they have the proper nutrition to succeed in class and on the field.

Try some of our favorite after-school snack ideas kids will love!

  • Handpicked Organic Dips: These Organic dips are inspired by classic Mediterranean cuisine and add a unique, flavorful twist to bay carrots, pretzels, or even chips.
  • Earth Fare Sparkling Water: Substitute soda with these naturally flavored, sodium-free sparkling waters in fun flavors that keep kids refreshed without the sugar.
  • Olli Snack Trays: Made with humanely pasture-raised pork, Olli’s Snack Trays come with perfectly pre-portioned nitrate- and nitrite-free salami, rBST-free cheese, and flatbread crackers that are ready-to-go between math and marching band.
  • Handpicked Ladyfingers: To satisfy their sweet tooth, pair these light and airy cookies with fresh strawberries for a sweet alternative to candy bars.
  • Earth Fare Multigrain Squares: Packed with whole grains and just a dash of natural sweeteners, our Multigrain Squares are a delicious individually-packaged snack.
  • Ozery Snacking Rounds: Made with non-GMO ingredients and real fruit pieces, these whole grain breads are naturally filling and free of artificial preservatives. Delicious on their own or with everything from peanut butter and fresh fruit to veggies and avocado.

* “Afterschool Programs that Follow Evidence-Based Practices to Promote Social and Emotional Development are Effective,” Expand Learning. 2016.

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