Ever wondered what the real difference between light, medium, and dark roast coffee is? Our friends at La Colombe get this question all the time, so they broke it down for you since roast level seriously affects the taste and experience of your morning brew.

Coffee beans, depending on the variety, have an inherently fruity, sweet, or bitter taste. When La Colombe roasts their beans, they make sure to pull out the best flavors each bean has to over.

This brings us to the three main flavor profiles of coffee:


Darker roasted, full-bodied coffees tend to have flavor notes that lean towards chocolate. As the coffee roasts for a longer period of time, it loses some of the original flavor of the bean. The hotter and longer the toast, the more caramelization happens, which tends to bring out the chocolate and caramel flavors.


Medium roast coffees aren’t roasted for quite as longer as darker roasts. This allows the bean to carry more of its original flavor, which often brings out an inherent sweetness. Many medium roasts produce a smooth and nutty taste.


Citrus is the most pronounced flavor in lighter roasted blends. The shorter the roasting time, the more natural fruit-like flavors the coffee retains. And since coffee is actually a fruit (crazy, right!?), you’ll often find brighter and fruiter flavors in light roasts.

Find your favorite La Colombe roast, from dark to light, at your local Earth Fare!

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