Whether you’re rushing out the door or having a slow morning with loved ones, you want the best cup of coffee to jump start your day. That’s why we introduced our new line of medium roast Handpicked Single Origin Coffees. We work closely with individual family farms and estates that cultivate unique, 100% Arabica coffee bean varieties at high altitudes–4,000 ft. or higher, to be exact. Each farm utilizes their extensive farming and milling knowledge to ensure that these beans deliver all the flavor nuances you crave.

Finca La Siberia Honey Processed from El Salvador

  • From the highest summits in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountains.
  • A unique drying process known as “honey processing,” where the honey-like inner pulp of the coffee cherry is left to dry under the El Salvadorian sun, gives these beans sweet, Clean flavors that are beautifully balanced.

Hacienda La Pradera from Costa Rica

  • From a striking coffee farm located in the steep mountains of Costa Rica’s famed Tarrazu region.
  • Single variety Caturra coffee beans are picked from the Costa Rican volcanic soil, creating a naturally sweet coffee with a wonderful flora aroma including touches of citrus, maple, and honeysuckle.

Finca el BotÓn from Columbia

  • This well-balanced Colombian coffee uses the large-beaned Maragogipe coffee bean variety.
  • These special beans are then dried with the coffee cherry fruit surrounding the bean (a process known as dry processing), which imparts smooth flavors of cherry, chocolate, and walnut.
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