Classic Swiss cheese starts high in the Alps, where cheese makers use the prized sweet milk from cows allowed to roam free in lush valleys and graze on vibrant grass and wildflowers. This summer sweet milk is turned into 200 pound wheels and meticulously transformed into the nutty Swiss Cheese of generations past.

We take inspiration from that passion; from the reverence for tradition and small batch handcrafted food. It’s a passion that we translate into delivering the finest and freshest artisan products for your table. In fact, we have everything you need to transform your own plate into a 5-star culinary exploration – always with a keen eye for our Quality Standards, so you never have to discern a label.

Only the best cheese.

Cheese was never meant to be a mere condiment. Delicately aged and crafted, it is meant to be the headliner of your plate. You can find a curated selection of Old World classics and American artisan innovation in our Specialty Department, from award winning cheese makers and dairies who are leading the category. These cheeses were designed to star – after all, where do you think the expression “Say Cheese” came from?

Our selection goes beyond block cheeses. You can find creamy, soft-ripened treats, salty, crunchy, crisp and aged selections, as well as organic, grass-fed and vegetarian-friendly choices. And like everything in our store, every cheese is hand selected by our team to ensure it comes from milk that is free of antibiotics or growth hormones, and never contains preservatives or artificial flavors.

The perfect companions for pairing.

The perfect plate includes pairings of salt and spice to balance the creaminess of the cheese. Our handcrafted charcuterie selection features humanely raised meats and natural curing processes, with no added nitrates or nitrites. You can find organic and pasture raised options, as well as local and imported meats, pâtés and sausages that are always free of antibiotics or growth hormones. Looking for the perfect companion to your cheese and charcuterie plate? Our olive bar includes preservative free olives and pickled vegetables from around the world.

You might also find something truly unique while browsing our Specialty Department. We’re one of the few stores in the U.S. to offer a Scoop Your Own Pasta bar, featuring a selection of imported Italian pasta with inspired unique flavor combinations. You can also find an array of fresh pasta, including organic and gluten-free options.

Top it off with wine and beer.

Our wine selection is global, with imported and American wines, and a dynamic, world-class variety. You can find well-reviewed, national favorites along with newly discovered wines to complete the perfect pairing. We’re so passionate about our selection that our team has personally visited, tasted and reviewed many of the wineries and vineyards offered in our store. Our shelves offer specialty choices, including organic, Biodynamic, non-GMO, low-sulfite, kosher and non-alcoholic options. And our wine is always free of high fructose corn syrup and color additives. Be sure to look for our Top Twelve Wine Program with expert selections, plus a 10% discount when you purchase 6 bottles of wine.

We didn’t forget the beer lovers! We have a wide assortment of the best local and national craft brews, and imported favorites, as well as fruit cider, gluten-free and gluten-reduced beer, and non-alcoholic beer. You can also try something new with our Mix & Mingle Program that allows you to curate a selection of 6 individual bottles and receive a 10% discount. So no matter what crowd you’re in, we have the brew for you.

The last bite should always be chocolate.

The best way to finish a meal is with a bite of rich chocolate, bursting with the tart sweetness of high quality cacao. Our Specialty Department offers the perfect exotic treats to delight the senses, including organic and Fair Trade options. Fair Trade is particularly important for farmers in the cocoa industry, where over 90% of the world’s cocoa is grown on small family farms by 6 million farmers. Fair Trade puts a priority on high quality cacao beans and rewards dedicated farmers with a premium price that supports sustainable farming and longevity of the trees. Whether you’re looking for chocolate bars or filled sweets, you can taste the difference with our selection of handcrafted artisan chocolate.

Coffee to savor, sip and repeat.

We believe coffee should be much more than a jolt of caffeine. It’s a ritual that starts your day or ends a good meal. Real coffee should be a delight to sip, with complex aromas and vibrant tastes. This same passion is shared by our lineup of local roasters from select states, who share a dedication to slow roasting that brings out peak flavors. We put a priority on working with roasters who provide ethical and Fair Trade beans, and we only carry 100% Arabica beans. These beans grow in cool, subtropical climates and require moisture and rich, healthy soil. The climate produces a bean with a wide taste range, and the delicate care needed for the soil requires more sustainable farming practices. Take one sip of our specialty coffee and you will find a renewed joy for this morning ritual.

Experience artisan foods at your table. When we think of specialty, we think of local and exotic treats that expand our palates by allowing us to taste the true art of handmade. Artisan techniques and traditions produce food that is truly unique, with complex flavors and textures. It allows us to experience real food that has not been simplified by the convenience of mass production. And it allows us to bring a world-class culinary experience into the comfort of our own home. We’re proud to bring the best of local and global artisan into our store and onto your plate.

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