Did you know that many wellness and beauty products are produced without promising that their workers have safe working conditions or earn a living wage? Luckily, buying fair trade means both you and the workers are healthy and thrive.

Fair trade is a movement of individuals and organizations working to ensure workers in economically disadvantaged countries receive a fair amount of profits and fair treatments. Fair trade means that:

The base price for raw ingredients or goods is adjusted higher than the open market price.
A percentage is paid into development projects in the workers’ communities.
Fair trade businesses must adhere to basic human and labor rights, such as the right to organize, no child labor, access to health care, etc.
Minimal environmental impact.

To Alaffia, fair trade means paying a fair price for good and a fair wage to workers in the local context, providing equal employment opportunities, practicing environmental sustainability, ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, and working directly with producers and consumers. Being able to foster a sense of self-empowerment in communities, Alaffia strives to be better for people and better for the planet.

In fact, Alaffia pays their co-op members more than four the average family income in Togo and also receive full medical care, employment security, and one month of paid vacation each year.

Fair trade certification comes from independent, neutral third parties, who verify that an organization upholds fair trade, social, and environmental standards in their operations. Alaffia is certified Fair for Life by IMO (Institute for Marketecology), which is one of the first and most renowned international certification agencies for organic and social accountability.

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