For centuries, dairy farmers in the Alps have relied on an annual cycle of moving their herd up the mountains to graze on the natural flora in these tough-to-reach heights. This not only replenishes the grazing pastures left behind, but it also moves the cows into cooler temps with varying vegetation, meaning the milk they produce reflects these changing flavors.

As they ascend, the cheesemakers craft their cheeses in small wooden sheds at each elevation, leaving the wheels there to age while their herd continues up the mountain. As the herd descends, the cheesemakers pick up their cheeses and bring them back down to their village.

To celebrate these modern cheesemakers using traditional methods, Earth Fare is proud to feature the unique work of the third-generation cheesemaking Herger Family. As part of the global Adopt-an-Alp initiative, we tasted over 50 different cheeses from different Alpine families and selected the Herger family for their blend of traditional cheesemaking methods with modern touches.

Thanks to our partnership with Adopt-an-Alp, every single wheel of cheese produced by the Herger family in the past year can only be found at Earth Fare. More than one hundred different varieties of grasses contribute to the sweet, nutty, and subtle vegetal notes of this Swiss cheese. And since each wheel’s flavors change based on the elevation and time of year produced, no two packages of this Earth Fare exclusive cheese are alike.

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