Every day you make important choices about your health. You take the stairs more. You cleanse to help eliminate toxins. You get plenty of sleep. And you eat the foods you know will support a balanced gut and a healthy body.

In addition to eating a diet rich in high fiber fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, you make sure you put plenty of protein and healthy fats on your plate. And because our bodies are exposed to an increasing number of toxins in our modern world, more and more people are opting to go organic whenever and wherever they can.

Why Choose Organic?

The biggest reason is to avoid harmful pesticides and herbicides. Many commercially grown crops are treated with harsh chemicals to keep away insects and other invaders. However, an Australian study found that switching to an organic diet for just one week was shown to reduce pesticide levels in the body by nearly 90 percent.

On top of that, organic foods—including dairy and meat—contain significantly more nutrients. That’s because when left to fend for themselves, crops have been shown to fortify their defenses by producing compounds that help resist pests. And guess what? Those compounds pack a nutritional punch for humans.

Plus, organic farming supports a healthier environment overall and fosters agricultural diversity, which has diminished over the last several decades.

Say Hello To Renew Life Probiotics + Organic Prebiotics

Renew Life’s new line of Probiotics + Organic Prebiotics is made with Certified Organic ingredients to feed your microbiome and help your gut flourish.* In each formula, they put multiple strains of clinically studied probiotics to help reflect the natural diversity in your gut as well as prebiotics to help stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria*—all in convenient vegetable capsules and a flavor-free powder pack for kids.

The Power of Organic XOS Prebiotic

Renew Life Probiotics + Organic Prebiotics contain xylooligosaccharides, or XOS. They are prebiotics—food for the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

This Organic XOS has been shown to increase the number of beneficial microflora in the colon and to help replenish Bifidobacteria that may be depleted as a result of normal aging.* At Renew Life, they believe that supporting gut health is key, so they chose an XOS source derived from organic corn cob that is gentle and well tolerated for everyone in your family.*

Why Renew Life Probiotics + Organic Prebiotics?

  • Independently certified organic ingredients
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Multiple distinct strains to support multiple gut health needs and functions
  • More live cultures, well beyond what is easily achievable with organic food
  • 100% of claims backed by published clinical research
  • Potency guaranteed through expiration
  • Formulated without gluten, dairy, soy, or added sugar

Along with all of the other good things you do for your body, choosing Renew Life digestive wellness supplements—including their new line of Probiotics + Organic Prebiotics—is a smart, simple way to help you and those you love support a balanced gut and enjoy everyday health and wellness.*

Find Renew Life in the Wellness Department at your local Earth Fare!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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