Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a code to play?
Nope. Codes unlock new deals, but you can just start clicking without a code, and has some deals ready for you. After clicking 3 word choices on the Fortune Giver, you will receive your Food Fortune and if you're lucky, a "Get Coupon" button. Click that and print your coupon.

What code? Where do I get it?
Every Earth Fare visitor can receive one Fortune Code Card per day, while supplies last. These Fortune Code Cards provide a code, which when entered at will unlock new discounts or the chance to be an Instant Winner.

How do I use my code?
Enter the code from your Fortune Code Card at the top of the page on and click Submit and Play. Now play below by clicking the words which speak to you. After making three word selections, a fortune will appear. Below your fortune, click the button that say "Get Coupon" or "Get Prize." Your winnings will reveal themselves.

How can I win?
After entering your code and playing Fortune Giver, you will receive a fortune. Look for a button directly beneath your fortune that says either “Get Coupon” or “Get Prize.” Click the button to either access your discount or receive instruction on how to redeem your prize, if you’re a winner.

What can I win?
Codes will unlock a variety of freebies and dollar-off deals (with minimum purchase requirements). One hundred (100) Instant Winners will be notified of winning a $10 Earth Fare gift card. Ten (10) Instant Winners will be notified of winning a $100 Earth Fare Gift Card. One (1) Instant Winner will be notified of winning a $1000 Earth Fare gift card.


-No purchase required. Any Earth Fare visitor can pick up one Fortune Code Card per day at their local store. Limit of one card per day, regardless of the number of store visits or purchases.

-All FortuneGiver coupons, discount, and gift cards provided through game play have no cash surrender value.

-Visitors are provided Fortune Code Cards on a random, deal-from-the-top, basis. Visitors are prohibited from reviewing and hand-selecting their card. All card codes have value, regardless of whether it is a duplicate code.

-Coupons and discounts provided through game play are one-time use only. Coupon with a valid PLU must be presented at time of purchase to receive discounts. Coupons must display valid expiration dates.

-Coupons and discounts are one-time-use only. Re-use or re-circulation are strictly prohibited.

-Coupons, discounts and their associated PLU numbers cannot be shared.

-Instant winners must retain and provide evidence of their winning Fortune Code Card, which must retain its original code and may not be altered or manipulated in any way. Failure to retain Fortune Code Card invalidates any Instant Winner claims.

-Earth Fare Team Members and their immediate families are not eligible for Instant Win prizes. 

-Fortune Giver ends May 18, 2014. All claims to Instant Win prizes must be submitted by May 20,2014, or will be void.

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