Why Our Beef is Better

If you eat meat, eat Earth Fare meat

Any chance you had the same Earth Science teacher we did?

The dude with the pony tail and sandals, who was always going on about what he called "flow" – the natural world's transference of energy from sun to plant to animal and so on? The idea is that when you trace energy up the chain from grass to grasshopper to toothy carnivore, you follow a spark of original sun-born energy absorbed by the very first plant.

Where do we humans fit into this flow?

We’re omnivores. We eat just about everything we can. From a survival perspective that's pretty great, because it affords us choices. Grasses not cutting it? An omnivore can forage blackberries and mushrooms. Need more protein? An omnivore goes fishing. Your diet still leaving you craving? Maybe it's for meat. But you should know that when you eat meat, you're sipping heavy on the "flow," so you should make sure you’re getting the best meat. You don’t want any of the 70% of meats in other American supermarkets that contain antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones or artificial colors. For meat raised on the purest combination of sun energy, Earth elements, and humane practices; for meat with remarkable taste you can trust, you need Earth Fare. Nothing extra.

What's wrong with bearded children?

These days the majority of beef cows are injected with synthetic growth hormones (think hooven Steroidzeneggers) to make them convert their food to muscle faster so they arrive at meat counters quicker. That's for the meat producer's benefit, not yours. Research suggests that consumption of hormones could interfere with normal hormone function in humans. (Think bearded children.) The negative effects of disrupting normal hormone function could lead to more serious issues than early-onset adolescence. Consumption of hormones in our meat may be tied to increased rates of breast and prostate cancer. And the scariest part about it is that the use of hormones has only been approved by the FDA since the 1950's, the use of RBG hormone since 1993, not long enough to know the full impact of their effects.

Why Anti-Antibiotics?

Cows that are injected with 'roids and raised in tight quarters experience health problems. Poor joint health, disease susceptibility, and 50% shorter lifespans. To avoid these physical complications, cows, chickens, pigs, even fish are fed antibiotics. Lots of them. 80% of America's antibiotics are used in the meat industry. And when animals are fed antibiotics, the humans who eat their meat are also fed antibiotics. That dose of antibiotics in your bowl of chili could lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, meaning previously treatable bacterial illnesses could come back to bite us. This is a more frightening form of "flow."

Is "All Natural" all equal?

Many grocery stores boast that they carry USDA certified "All Natural" meats. That sounds nice, but USDA guidelines stop way short of guarding against meats that come from animals that live pumped full of antibiotics and hormones. It takes voluntary effort and real commitment to go beyond that. Those lengths beyond is where Earth Fare starts, and we strive to go even farther.

Should meat go old school?

100 years ago, they didn't have these problems. Farmers didn't chemically dye meat to imply freshness. Until as recently as the 1960s, they didn't hoard thousands of animals into Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, relying on medical injections to keep them alive. They didn’t have an industrial agriculture system that replaces the grasses and grains animals are intended to eat with all-corn diets. 100 years ago cows lived in fields fed only on the sun's energy. Well, the clean way is making a comeback and it's at the heart of Earth Fare's Food Philosophy. All those antibiotics, added hormones and artificials have no place in our meats, ever.

Earth Fare's meat is sunny. Not shady.
The definition of REAL FOOD.