Our Easy Dinners

Real Food For Everyone means food that you can trust at prices that we can all afford. But sometimes value isn’t just about dollars and cents; it’s about time, quality and simplicity. During the back-to-school days, the longer-than-normal commute days, the who’s-got-the-energy days, our must precious commodity is quality time. That’s why Earth Fare has delicious offerings that cut out the prep work, but without building that luxury into the cost.

Take our Take ’N Bake pizzas. No seriously, take ’em. You’ll get a pizza that’s ready whenever you are. A pizza made with much finer and tastier ingredients than delivery, and at a fraction of the cost. And with innovative touches like a biodegradable tray that the pizza can be baked and served in, you’ll save even more time with a guilt-free cleanup.

A meal of made-in-house chicken Rollers and some ready-to-go sides can be on the table in minutes. Want a salad that’s fully chopped and fully backed by our Food Philosophy? Not a problem. Sushi is a full meal on a roll and we have it fresh and ready every day.

Some days cooking is therapy. Other days a quick healthy meal is the better medicine. We have Real Food for you every day.