When you care about the food you eat, you have questions. We get that. Check below for answers about our foods and our business.

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Does Earth Fare have a Coupon Policy?
A: You know it! Here it is.

Why do you run out of product before the end of a promotion?

A: To ensure that there is enough product for a promotion, we have to make projections weeks before a sale or coupon is advertised. It’s not a perfect science, and sometimes we get it wrong. This is particularly difficult for perishable items such as Produce or Meat products.

We apologize. Our stores are prepared to make it right. If we are out of a promotional product, be sure to let someone at Customer Service know. If they cannot offer a substitution, they will have rain checks available.

Why do you promote products, that don’t meet all diets?

A: We totally understand the personal nature of your food decisions. You don’t want to eat certain things, and sometimes reasons are bigger than just health or allergies. We completely support you. Heck, we’re out there trying hard to give you the foods you need to sustain your particular food journey. But we’re a store too, and we need to serve meat eaters, beer drinkers, and even Mexican Coke sippers who want to meet their diets and our Food Philosophy.

Do you offer alternatives for promotions (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free)?

A: We do NOT offer dietary substitutions for our coupons, but we try to mix them up each week to suit different dietary needs.

We do offer some alternatives for the majority of our $5 meal options, a great deal any weekday!

Why won’t my coupons print?

A: Chances are that the issue is with your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.). Try updating to the most up-to-date version of your internet browser, or try opening the page in a different browser. If all else fails, just jot down the coupon deal info and PLU number. We’ll honor it!

Why am I no longer getting emails? Why am I not getting texts?

A: Our emails may be blocked by a spam filter. Look in your junk or trash. If you see an email from us, mark us as a safe sender. It’s also possible that you unsubscribed to emails or texts sometime in the past. Try re-subscribing with a different email address, or email tomatobank@earthfare.com for assistance. To re-subscribe to text deals, text "EAT' to 71700.

You may not receive texts based on your mobile service provider, or if you have an automatic signature added to your text messages. If you have confirmed that your provider allows short code messaging, and you have removed any automatic signatures, text HELP to 71700 or email tomatobank@earthfare.com for assistance.