Where do I download the app?

A: EarthFare.com/app or you can download directly from the Apple or Android App Store.

How much does it cost?

A: It’s totally FREE.

I forgot my log in information. What is it?

A: Use the same email address and password you provided for Tomato Bank. Forgot your password? The App will send you a reminder by email. Forgot the email address you used? Email app@earthfare.com with a request for that info.

Do I have to be a Tomato Bank member to use the App?

A: No, but the App is designed with Tomato Bank members in mind. It’s the easiest way to check your balance and point history. If you still don’t want to join, simply select “No Thanks” and provide your preferred store.

How do I sign into the app?

A: First things first, Are you a Tomato Bank member?

  I. If yes,  click Yes and enter the email and password you created for Tomato Bank

 II. *If no , click No and  follow the steps to sign up for Tomato Bank.

*Please note that you do not have to be a Tomato Bank member to use the Get Deals app.


I don’t have a smart phone. Why can’t I get these deals?

A: Many of the deals in the App are available to everyone either in stores or through our email program. Sign up for emails to get your deals. A limited number of deals appear in the App only, but for the most part the App simply collects our best offers.

How do I use the home page?


Home Screen

1. Click here for deals for your store.

2. Click here for deals you marked as a saved deals.

3.  Click here for this weeks action.

4. Click here to see your Tomato Bank points ledger.

How do I add deals to my Saved Deals?


Store Deals

Click on the grey star in the white circle, then it will turn red.

How do I change my Preferred store?


Slide the screen to the right, revealing the main menu click on Settings. 

Next select Preferred store from the setting page, and finally pick your new preferred store 

Main Menu          Settings  

How many times can I redeem a deal?

A: Deals can be used as many times as you like, before they expire, unless a limit is specifically stated within the deal details.

Why does my friend have different deals than me?

A: Some deals are set for one store only.

The deal I wanted expired. Can I still get it?

A: No, sorry. The best way to not miss a deal is to save it. If you have push notifications enabled, you will be notified before it expires.

Why does the App ask me to enable Push notifications? Will that cost money?

A: Push notifications are how the App tells you when new deals come out and when saved deals expire. Push notifications are not Text Messages and do not cost you anything extra.

Why do some deals have a PLU code and others don't?

A: The App collects and notifies you of the best deals available. Some deals do not require a PLU at the register while, other deals, like the Weekly Dish, do require a PLU at checkout

One of my Saved Deals disappeared. Where did it go?

A: All deals have a time limit. If you have a saved deal and it expired, it will stay in a section called Expired Deals for one week before it's removed.

My Tomato Bank point total or ledger is wrong. What do I do?

A:  Your point total and ledger do not update instantly. It can take up to an hour after a purchase. If you still see incorrect information, email app@earthfare.com or call the Tomato Bank Hotline at 855-357-9084. Emailed questions are generally answered fastest.

I've read all this and still need help.

A:  For the fastest answer, email customer service at app@earthfare.com. You can also leave a message at 855-357-9084. Emailed questions are generally answered fastest.