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Our Departments

We believe that healthy food has the power to transform lives, and each of our departments offer healthy products that adhere to our strict Food Philosophy. From fresh Produce to additive-free Meat & Seafood, we care about what you eat.
Read below to find out what makes our food different.


Selling all Certified Organic produce may not be easy, but it’s worth it. A third party inspects our produce every year to ensure it is free of GMOs, synthetic chemicals and harmful pesticides.

Produce Department


We believe meat tastes better without steroids, antibiotics, and synthetic hormones. Those additives have been linked to disease susceptibility and illnesses in humans and animals, and that’s why you’ll never find those ingredients in our meat.

At Earth Fare, we believe that bettering animal welfare is a key part of good, ethical business and should apply to all breeds of animals; a belief we have stood behind for over four decades. Earth Fare markets animal meats and dairy products from farmers and suppliers that are humanely certified. Earth Fare supports the Better Chicken Commitment.

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Meat Department


We source our seafood from well-managed, sustainable fish and shellfish stocks. Whether you’re looking for wild-caught salmon, shrimp, scallops or any other seafood, we ensure minimal environmental impact and the seafood on the market.

Seafood Department


We want you to save time reading labels, so we did it for you. Our groceries are hand picked to ensure that over 100 unhealthy ingredients are booted from every food item on our shelves.

grocery shelves


Treat your body the best with our cruelty-free products. They’re made with high-quality ingredients and exceed government FDA regulations, so you can enjoy a worry-free self care routine.

Wellness Department


All of our freshly prepared foods follow our unique Food Philosophy, always using non-GMO and soy-free oil.

Deli Department


All of our dairy products are free of synthetic growth hormones and never ever administered antibiotics.

Dairy Department


With nuts, rice, flour, and sweet treats, our bulk offerings never contain artificial preservatives and are high in quality and value.

Bulk Department


Our bakery items are baked fresh in-house with simple ingredients and are free of bleached & bromated flour as well as artificial sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives.

Bakery Department


Our specialty department is full of entertaining favorites that meet our strict standards. From wine and beer to the cheese board, we’ve got you covered. 

Specialty Department
Our food philosophy