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Let’s talk about routines — and how you can bring in a drop of chill. There’s something calming about starting or ending your day with a quiet moment just for you. Enhance that moment with hemp. From CBD tinctures to plant-based, protein-packed hemp protein powders, all it takes is a second to pause, blend that protein shake, take a CBD gummy, or moisturize your skin with a hemp and CBD-packed body oil. Hello self-care.


Why it Matters: Hemp is quickly being considered a superfood because its packed with nutrients. Hemp seeds contain over 30% healthy fats, over 25% of their calories per serving are plant-based protein, and are a great source of vitamin E and minerals. As an oil, hemp can relieve dry skin and provide eczema relief.¹


Check out these trusted CBD and hemp products, on shelves now at your local Earth Fare:


  1. Charlotte’s Web Hemp Products: Crafted with care, Charlotte’s Web hemp products provide CBD and other beneficial phytocompounds in a broad-spectrum extract of plant-powered goodness.

  2. Earth Fare CBD: Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with CBD is manufactured to our strict standards in the USA. Vegan, cruelty-free, and packed with naturally occurring CBD.

  3. Straight Hemp Products: These CBD-rich full spectrum hemp oils and balms deliver even more bioactive compounds because they are naturally grown and extracted.

  4. Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Yeah! Protein Powder: Looking for a great balance of protein and fiber in a real food powder? This formula is made with only one ingredient (hemp) for a protein powder that’s as natural as it gets.

  5. Nutiva CBD Body Oils & Roll Ons: Get an all-natural glow with full spectrum hemp extract that provides a complete range of hemp cannabinoids.

  6. Colorado Hemp Honey Sticks: Enjoy pure raw honey, full spectrum hemp extract with CBD, and Organic essential oils in these convenient honey sticks.


1. “6 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds,” Healthline. 2018.