Live the Plant Life

Our #1 New Year's Resolution? Eat More Plants

Eating, and enjoying, more plants is getting even easier in 2020. With so many new and exciting ways to enjoy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, you’ll never be bored by what’s on your plate. Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, or just trying to eat more vegetables with your favorite steak, we have all the plant-packed options you crave.


Raise Your Spoons

We all know yogurt is the perfect choice for a quick breakfast. For fermented coconut and lightly sweet almondmilk yogurts, may we suggest a trip to your nearest Earth Fare? If you’re trying to introduce your family to more plant-based options, it’s easy to find the perfect flavors and textures for crafting your next parfait. Plus, adding all the toppings you want makes it even more fun.


Plants On-the-Go 

There’s a common misconception that eating plant-based requires a ton of work and cooking. All it takes to build a Clean plant-based meal in a flash is plenty of veggies, a plant-based protein like crispy nuggets or savory veggie burritos, and some crunchy snacks. Now you can eat vegan anywhere with easy meal solutions from the frozen aisle.


Plant-Based for the Whole Family

It’s easier than you think to get your kids to eat plant-based. Get the best of both worlds when you pair childhood favorites like vegan corn dogs with a fresh seasonal salad — complete with some vegan mozzarella, of course. Never choose between comfort food cravings and fresh fruits and veggies again.


Dairy-Free Made Easy

Maybe you prefer soymilk in your cereal, hempmilk in your smoothies, and oatmilk in your coffee. Or maybe dunking cookies in coconutmilk. Or a glass of almondmilk on its own. However you choose to use them, go dairy-free any way you want thanks to all the plant-based dairy alternatives out there. And they’re all delicious in their own ways!