Eater's Digest

A healthy gut means a healthy 2020

Good news: plenty of all-natural, delightful foods are packed with exactly what your digestive system needs to flourish. Even soft, whole grain bread is a great source of the fiber we need every day. So lean into eating more fiber-rich foods to keep things moving and both naturally-occurring and supplemental probiotics and fermented foods. How will you keep your gut happy and healthy this year?


Some have called our guts the “second brain” as more and more studies link digestive health to mental health, mood management, memory, and more. However, an unhappy digestive system can mean lots of heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and more.¹ That’s why what we eat is just as important to repairing our gut as it is to keeping it healthy in the first place.


Here's the Tea


You’ve probably heard the buzz around the fizzy, fermented tea called kombucha. Its light, effervescent texture complements the earthy tea flavor. Like other fermented foods, it contains healthy acids and living probiotics, which may help with digestion. If you’re new to this health food favorite, go for a fruit flavor like pomegranate or apple to ease your way in.

1. “Digestive Health,” Harvard Health Publishing. 2019.