Do It for the Earth

Eat more sustainably for the planet and your body

We’re predicting that a lot of us are making resolutions to be more environmentally-friendly, and the easiest way to show the planet some love is with each appetizing bite. Even pasta night can be eco-friendly with sustainably made pasta, Organic sauce, and a little Fair Trade chocolate for dessert. Here are 6 of our favorite new natural products to try if you’re striving to be more sustainable this year.


  1. Felicetti Organic Pasta: Carefully selected Organic grains are masterfullmixed with the purest water to obtain a balanced, velvety pasta that welcomes every sauce and always cooks to perfection.

  2. Organicville Pasta Sauce: Combining the highest quality Organic, vine-ripened tomatoes with fresh basil, oregano, and garlic, this pasta sauce is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

  3. GoMacro Macobars: Tasty vegan protein bars made with Clean ingredients to keep you full on-the-go. Plus, they offset their carbon emissions.

  4. Divine Chocolate Bars: Indulgently rich cocoa in a variety of exceptional flavors. Chocolate lovers everywhere will delight in this Fair Trade treat.

  5. Serenity Kids Baby Food Pouches: This Organic and ethically sourced baby food takes pouches to the next level. Find protein from ethically sourced meats or vegetables, healthy fats, and 1/3 cup of veggies in every pouch.

  6. One Degree Organic Foods Cereal: This Organic cereal is sweetened by coconut palm sugar and made with sprouted grains so you can start your day right.

Clean from the Inside Out


Sustainability goes beyond what’s on your plate. Washing your clothes, your hair, or your dishes can impact the earth because of water run-off. So switch to these natural household favorites in 2020.


  1. ECOS Laundry Detergent: Derived from renewable resources and never tested on animals, this laundry detergent brings a whole new meaning to clean.

  2. Earth Fare Castile Soap: Use our versatile castile soap for everything from washing the car to washing your clothes. Made with Organic oils, it’s Fair Trade and vegan.

  3. Earth Fare Facial Care: Our facial care line follows a strict set of guidelines, meaning you can look your best and take care of your body without harmful ingredients, like parabens or phthalates.

    • Facial Mist: Hydrate and refresh tired, dry complexions.

    • Facial Toner: Cleanse, tone, and balance all skin types.

    • Calendula Cream: A moisturizing cream that helps heal skin.

    • Collagen Cream: Smooths and brightens for glowing skin.

    • Retinol Cream: Adds bounce and youthfulness.