Blend Like a Pro

An easy & delicious way to stay healthy every day

A fresh-pressed juice as an afternoon pick-me-up or paired with fiber- and protein-rich foods for a meal is a classic health food staple, but smoothies can have it all in one cup or bowl. A healthy smoothie starts with a base of a creamy plant-based milk alternative before being blended with anything you want, including slightly salty nut butters, your favorite frozen fruits, and your choice of protein powder. Plus, if you like it extra thick, pour it in a bowl and top with more frosty fruits, granola, and superfoods.


6 Tips to make the perfect smoothie for you:

  1. Try plant-based milk: Start your smoothie with plant-based milks, like oatmilk, almondmilk, or coconutmilk. These milk replacements are rich, creamy, and dairy-free, so now everyone in your household can enjoy them.
  2. Add frozen fruit: Frozen fruits are a convenient, bright way to add color, nutrition, and flavor to your next smoothie. Just throw them in and blend!
  3. Dates are naturally sweet: Need a little sweetness in your smoothie? Dates are a great sugar alternative for smoothies (and baking), and they’re packed with potassium, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  4. Superfoods for the win: Superfoods like chia and flax seeds will add Omega-3s and fiber to your favorite smoothie without changing the flavor. Just straight nutrition!

Don’t forget the protein: Fuel your body by adding a scoop of your favorite protein powder to a smoothie. Exactly what you need to perform your best all day, every day.