Living Well

  • Stay Hydrated & Refreshed with Teatulia’s Tea Soda

    Tea + soda might sound like a strange combination, but give this hybrid a chance before writing it off. These Organic, handcrafted drinks from Teatulia have a refreshing taste and just the right amount of fizz. Tea Soda is lightly sweet, low calorie, and made only with all-natural …read more

  • Blueberry Smoothie Bowl with Lifeway Kefir

    Start your smoothie Saturday spooning up our cold blueberry smoothie bowl inspired by the traditional Norwegian dish, Scandinavian blueberry soup. Blend frozen blueberries, lemon juice, cinnamon, and cardamom with our blueberry kefir for probiotic blueberry bliss in a bowl. …read more

  • Eater's Digest

    A healthy gut means a healthy 2020

    Good news: plenty of all-natural, delightful foods are packed with exactly what your digestive system needs to flourish. Even soft, whole grain bread is a great source of the fiber we need every day. So lean into eating more fiber-rich foods to …read more

  • Beat Inflammation

    The secret is on your plate

    Have you been hearing the buzz around eating an “anti-inflammatory diet” recently? Luckily, reducing inflammation is as easy as eating more vegetables cooked however you best enjoy them, adding more antioxidants through colorful food or supplements, and …read more

  • Your Trusted Source for Hemp & CBD

    Revitalize your routine with tested & reliable hemp

    Let’s talk about routines — and how you can bring in a drop of chill. There’s something calming about starting or ending your day with a quiet moment just for you. Enhance that moment with hemp. From CBD tinctures to plant-based, …read more

  • Do It for the Earth

    Eat more sustainably for the planet and your body

    We’re predicting that a lot of us are making resolutions to be more environmentally-friendly, and the easiest way to show the planet some love is with each appetizing bite. Even pasta night can be eco-friendly with sustainably made …read more

  • Smarter Eating

    Feed your brain from morning to night

    Let’s wake your brain up! Salmon and avocados are naturally packed with healthy fats your brain will love, and you can start your day with a warm cup of coffee infused with MCT oil, collagen, and more. That powerhouse in your head needs a …read more

  • The Paleo Perspective

    So easy a caveman could do it

    Say hello to eating more vegetables, lean meats, fish, fruits, nuts, and seeds with paleo. Thanks to more ethical sourcing and plenty of room for plants, this lifestyle means eating foods similar to what our cave-dwelling ancestors would have eaten in …read more

  • There’s Something About Keto

    The high fat, low carb frenzy

    Are all you keto-ers dreaming about low-sugar syrup and chocolate bars, fat-boosted creamy coffees, and other indulgences? Well, keto isn’t going anywhere, and now it’s even easier to help your body burn fat for fuel while enjoying the foods you love. …read more