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A 5% Earth Fare discount -- that's the Athlete Ambassador edge. We'll give you Earth Fare gear, and you'll get deals to share with fellow athletes.

What's Expected

  • Complete the application.
  • Give a one-year commitment.
  • Participate in three public competitive events per year.
  • Refer at least two new Athlete Ambassadors.
  • Log and submit your mileage.
  • Hand out discount coupons to fellow athletes.

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Featured Earthletes


Earthlete Rob J.

Athletic Events:


Personal Record:

1:57-800 meters, 51.0- 400 meters

Favorite Fuel:

"Oatmeal,1/2 whole wheat bagel w/ jelly, 12-16 ounces of water. Depending  on the length of the race. Ex: When I ran the NYC marathon in 1981& 1982 I starting carbo loading 72 hours before to top off my fuel tank. Those & times were: 3:26:40 and 3:00:22 respectfully. I've raced every distance between the 400m and the marathon."

Beth Darmstadter

Earthlete Beth D.

Athletic Events:

"I LOVE triathlons - the variety, the less wear and tear on the body, the cross training and the group exercise preparation."

Personal Record:

"3:24 at Marine Corps! Olympic distance tri: 2:30."

Favorite Fuel:

" I love some Earth Fare Fig Newtons, as well as steel cut oatmeal and bananas."


Earthlete Mary K.

Athletic Events:

"I enjoy participating in lots of different road and trail races, but my favorites are the half marathon and marathon."

Personal Record:

"4:16 in the marathon (October, 2013, Peak to Creek Marathon), and 1:57 half marathon (January 19, 2014, Louisiana Half). My time at Peak to Creek was enough to qualify for Boston 2015."

Favorite Fuel:

" a bagel with almond butter and chia seeds, orange juice and 2 cups of coffee."

Ben Cagle

Earthlete Ben C.

Athletic Events:

"Paddleboarding is my absolute favorite!"

Personal Record:

"I came in 4th twice last year in two paddleboard events"

Favorite Fuel:

"One thing that I do is drink a lot of Earthfare coconut juice... loaded in potassium & tastes great."